Our current spotlight is on the young brass quartet THE WESTERLIES and IN DUO, a new collaboration between harpist Edmar Castaneda and drummer Dafnis Prieto.


Equally at home in concert halls and living rooms, The Westerlies (“prevailing winds from the West to the East”) navigate a wide array of venues with the precision of a string quartet, the audacity of a rock band, and the charm of a family sing-along.
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Dafnis Prieto (Drums and Percussion) and Edmar Castaneda (Harp and Maracas) have joined forces in this unique and creative duo that has no precedent. This instrumentation in the hands of two masterful artists creates rich and unique sound textures and a performance full of rhythmic interaction, sensitive melodies, and originality. Both are leaders and composers in their own right and bring this collaboration to a new level of artistry that perfectly balances composition and improvisation. They display an astonishing virtuosity informed by a refined musical vocabulary from their respective cultural backgrounds (Cuba and Colombia) as well as their individual voices as musicians. Promo Video.1Sheet (PDF).


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